How do I assign alternate(Secondary) unit to an Item?

  • First You need to enable the setting for alternate unit.
  • Goto setup > configuration >Innoventry settings > click on Enable Alternate unit in item then click on OK button.
  •   1.goto Master > Item > click on New and fill the item details.

      2.Click on Alternate unit tab.
      3.Enter the alternate unit name in 'Alt. Unit' field
      4.Enter the alternate unit factor in 'Alt. Unit Factor' field.
      5.If you want to add different price for alternate unit then click on 'Use alternate Unit Rate' and fill the values.
      6.then click on OK button.
  • For Example, If you are purchasing Mango in Box ,and selling in dozen one box contain 12 dozen mango
      So the primary unit is Dozen and alternate(Seconday )unit is Box.
      If 1 box contain 12 dozen then alternate unit factor is 12.