How to configure , if child items to be consumed at the point of sale or while doing production?

  • By default the raw material is consumed while doing production.
    • For e.g. Let's create an item "Computer", having raw material(child items) CPU, Hard Disk and Monitor, with the opening stock:
      Hard Disk=15 Pc.
      Monitor=10 Pc.
      CPU=20 Pc.



      Then make a production transaction. How to create production transaction Click here


      As the check box "Consumed Child Items during Sale? If unchecked then child items while be consumed in" is unchecked, the stock
      of child items is reduced and stock of item being produced(computer) is increased. The stock of items can see in Stock Summary
      (Reports > Stock Report > Stock Summary).


  • To configure raw material to be consumed at the point of sale, user have to check the checkbox in child items tab in item master frame.

  • stock
  • If the checkbox is checked, then child items will be consumed during Sale transaction.