How do I create voucher number Manually/Automatically?

  • To open Voucher Configuration view: Go to Setup > Voucher Configuration > Sale
  • Click on Add button to set voucher number.
  • Date From: Enter the starting date that user wants to generate voucher number from.
    Date to: Enter the end date that user wants to generate voucher number to.
    Number Start From: Enter the starting number for the voucher.
        i.e Some companies startsinvoice number from 1, and some prefer 1001 onwards, some chooses 101 etc. We can use 101
    Prefix: User can enter prefix for the entered voucher number.The prefix can be whatever We can use INV-
    Suffix: User can enter suffix for the entered voucher number. suffix can be a month name or whatever you want.
    Minimum width of voucher number: User decides how long voucher number he wants, It can be specified in digit.
  • Edit Button: User can edit created voucher number.
  • Delete Button: User can remove created voucher number.
  • To edit the voucher configuration: Select the configuration > Click on Edit button.