How can I include a service in a sale transaction?

  • For add service in sale transaction: Go to Menu Transaction>Sale
  • Fill the required information related to sale transaction. and click on "Add Item" button to add the item in table.
  • To add service, click on button "Add service" which is applicable on item..
    • Service: Select the service from list, or To create new service type "new" and hit enter, the create new service frame will open.
    • Quantity:Quantity is selected by default one, if you want to change, you can change.
    • Rate: Enter the rate of service.
    • Amount: If you enter the the rate, then amount will be calculated automatically. If you want to change, you can change it manually
    • Deduct Tax from Amount: If deduct tax from amount is applicable, amount shows rate with deducted tax to all inclusive rates. If deduct tax from
      amount is not applicable, tax will be added to rate.
    • Tax:It shows tax applicable on service.
    • Tax Amount:It shows tax amount applicable on service.
    • Total Amount:It shows total amount of service.
    After adding details, click on OK or Apply button to add in the table.