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Unicode Printing

How to solve issues with unicode printing? #

If you are using language other than English then you may face issues while saving your invoices or reports as PDF documents. You may get error message like:
U+0915 (‘kadeva’) is not available in this font Times-Roman encoding: WinAnsiEncoding

Download the unicode.ttf from

Standalone Edition/Client Configuration #

Copy the unicode.ttf file to installation location of Innoventry. This file should be in the same directory where innoventry.exe is present.
After copying the file you need to restart the Innoventry software.

Server Configuration #

Copy the unicode.ttf file to webserver/webapps folder.
After copying the file you need to restart the Innoventry Application Server from services.


Why this unicode font is not part of installation? #

Unicode fonts are different for each language. There are unicode fonts which support multiple languages but may not cover all the languages. Adding all fonts to the installer will make the installer heavy which is not required for all users. As this is optional feature so it is not part of default installation.

Can I use any other unicode font? #

Yes you can use any other unicode font supported for your language. You should rename the font file to unicode.ttf and follow instructions from above sections to copy the font file to appropriate location.

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