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Easy GST Billing Software in India

Why GST Biiling Software is required in India? In today’s busy world of Indian business, dealing with taxes like GST is a big deal. The old-fashioned ways of doing billing just don’t work well anymore. Let’s talk about why it’s important for every Indian business to use GST billing software to make things simpler and […]

Back-up Your Business Data

Imagine one day when you wake up and all your records of the business transactions are lost. All the ledger book, transactional invoices, receivables and receipts are lost. The inventory which you had is lost and no record of the stock is available with you. The though of this is quite scary. Is it not? […]

Send Promotional and Transactional SMS Automatically to Customers

Reputed and well established businesses always have things which make them different from the others in the business. One such factor that differentiates the leaders and followers in the business is sending automatic transactional alerts. You must have noticed that whenever you purchase something from the stores like Reliance Digital, Croma etc. a transactional message […]

Outstanding Reports And Reminders

Credits have been the integral component of business since the history of mankind. A business in this modern scenario cannot work without the system and balance of credits and outstandings. With the increase in flow-chain of businesses these days, the management of credits has become quite complex. Outstanding in business terminology means the amount due […]

How to do Sales Analysis?

How much has the business sold to it’s customer in the last week? Which commodity has been the best seller? How much sales was done last weekend? Which brand has been the favorite of customers? Which store has performed most sales? The answer to all these questions can be found by a simple process called […]

Why do we need to Share our Invoices?

Invoices as we all know are a sort of contractual document concerned with the transaction of goods/services in lieu of an asset, particularly saying cash or money. So the whole idea of performing a sales transaction is creating the invoice and then sharing it with the buyer to make him/her aware of the intensions and […]

Manage Pending Sale Invoices and Collect Payments

In usual retail business such as general stores, shoe stores, electronic shops dealing directly with the customers buying and selling commodities on credit is not a very common thing. Although, when dealing with mass buyers such as other subsequent businesses buying and selling on credit is pretty normal and quite few times is a necessity. […]

How To Manage Your Sales-Process?

Sales is the motive for all the effort which you put into your business. Being a successful business means more and more sales. On the contrary more sales does not means spending a lot of times on sales, instead it is totally opposite to it. Spending lesser times on sales means more time to generate […]

How to manage your Purchase Process?

Just like a normal person needs to buy commodities which makes their life profitable. A business also needs to buy commodities which it can use to sell forward and create a profitable business. Having a real and solid management for the same is a necessity which helps in varied ways. A better purchase process management […]

Create And Print Your Own Barcodes

Barcodes are one of the important components in the Billing and Inventory Management of a Business. Barcodes are every where, on the wrapper of potato chips that you just ate or on the box of the TV that you recently purchased or the medicines you bought, basically everywhere. A barcode or bar code is nothing but a […]