1. What is Form GSTR-9? Form GSTR-9 is an annual return to be filed once, for each financial year, by the registered taxpayers who were regular taxpayers, including SEZ units and SEZ developers. The taxpayers are required to furnish details of purchases, sales, input tax credit or refund claimed or demand created etc in this return. […]

The Futuristic Approach To Business Accounting & Billing

With the increase of rules and peculiarities in this new generation business environment, all what a business needs is simplicity and organized methods to deal with the clients and suppliers. The basic problems faced by a small or medium scale business are marketing and exposure, but this is almost impossible to achieve unless the internal […]

New Simplified User Interface

With the latest release of Innoventry, a new simplified user interface has been introduced. There are two primary components of the new interface: Quick Access Panel Dashboard Quick Access Panel Quick Access Panel is a task oriented group of actions which is easy to use for every one specially new users. The actions are group […]

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