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How do I add Other charges and discount in sale transaction?

  • For add Other Charges/Discount in sale transaction: Go to Menu Transaction>sale
  • Fill the required information related to sale transaction. and click on “Add Item” button to add the item in table.
  • To add Other Charges/Discount, click on button “Other Charges/Discount” which is applicable on item.
  • Other Charges/Discount: Select the Other Charges/Discount from list. to create new Other Charges/Discount, type “new” and hit enter the create new Other Charges/Discount frame will open.
  • Amount for Charges/Discount: It shows amount of charges/discount. Field is visible for only discount.
  • Value (%): It shows discounted value on item. This field is only applicable for discount.
  • Amount: Amount field shows charged/discounted amount on item.

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