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The Futuristic Approach To Business Accounting & Billing

With the increase of rules and peculiarities in this new generation business environment, all what a business needs is simplicity and organized methods to deal with the clients and suppliers. The basic problems faced by a small or medium scale business are marketing and exposure, but this is almost impossible to achieve unless the internal and basic features of a business are not strengthened.

Most of the booming businesses on basis of research came to the conclusion that they had one thing in common and that was the simplicity of their billing process, fast accounting and efficient inventory management. But if a business which should concentrate on adding new customers while retaining the old ones spends extravagant time on accounting it may affect its marketing and in turn its revenue strategies.

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INNOVENTRY provides you with the solutions of these problems faced by businesses at their initial, preparatory and expansion stages. Being one of the leading service providers aiming at small and medium scale businesses, its services can make your business at par with the leading businesses and hence improve the yield and profit to its vitality. With services ranging from front-end component i.e. billing and back-end components i.e. accounting and inventory management of business, it has covered it all.

Gone are the days of manual billing where discrepancies and errors could sneak into the invoice, bills and inventories. With increase in competition in the demanding business sector, clients and suppliers require express and accurate billings and accounts. INNOVENTRY has unleashed a futuristic approach to the world of business accounting and billing with its easy user friendly interface software which shuttles the accounting and billing job and also makes your business look very professional and top notch and proves to be an easy to use solution for handling your invoicing, accounting, inventory and marketing issue. Here’s a snap of the easy and clean looking interface of this software.

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Here are some of the services provided by this giant player in its field of expertise. These services can exponentially increase your profit and also help you make out strategies for optimum growth of your business by providing data by innovative features such as ‘Reports and Analytics’.


You can get ready made or customized professional invoices which can be printed or shared with your customers by Email. For a business to become a brand it requires business logos and signature which can be added to these invoices and cash flow statements at will easily. Being user oriented billing software it will also make your business look very professional. Eventually the professionalism leads to added buyers or clients. Duplicate invoices can also be created on the format of previous invoices.


Goods and services tax is currently going under tremendous pressure to go through some of the burning and solution seeking problems of the year-old implemented indirect tax regime. Being GST Compliant invoicing software, INNOVENTRY deals with this issue gracefully by doing tax calculations, creating GST compliant invoices and generating financial tax reports. It also helps to find out your GST liability so that you can file your GST returns in a hassle free manner.


Have your own unique product or want to make a personalized barcode for a product? Get your unique Bar Code for the product specifying its quantity and rate. In this inventory management software you can use the in-built barcode formats in the software to create your own barcode labels. Bar codes can also be generated at once for all the items in the purchase form by providing requisite information of the products. This reduces the billing time for the commodities and considerably increases the efficiency of sales in turn increasing profitability and revenue.


Purchasing is the backbone of any business. INNOVENTRY provides your business with professional quotations which can be generated in a blink of the eye with just one click. With it you can request quotations from vendors and generate purchase order which can help a business to manage and keep a digital check of its expenditure.


Not just back-end features but INNOVENTRY also provides its users marketing facilities such as SMS notifications and payment reminders to its customers including promotional messages which can provide full fledged exposure and dedicated customer targeting. Businesses can send automatic SMS invoices notifications to their customers which can save both time and money.


This is the feature which distinguishes this service provider from its contemporaries. One of the main reasons for businesses falling apart is not analyzing the sales and purchase data and hence in turn not realizing the scopes of improvement. With banking integrated feature of INNOVENTRY keep your business on your finger tips with detailed expense reports and profit & loss reports which can enable you to take informed decisions.


If you have a business then you must be having some outstanding amount or asset. You can get the handy list of all the outstandings, receivables and payable amounts at all times and have a clear visibility of your business using the features of this accounting software. Reminder notifications can also be sent to all customers for pending invoices. This can keep your business moving at a steady pace.


Different dealings in a business require different types of documents and they can’t afford to lose any of those documents. INNOVENTRY can help you manage all your documents at one place by attaching them to the respective transactions for hassle free recovery. This feature also includes easy import or export of all the items, ledgers and invoices from Microsoft excel.


This software supports Multi-user capability which allows different views for different category of users. For example, you may not want to share the information with your cashier which you share to your manager. With INNOVENTRY manage the permission for different user groups using an admin user. This protects your sensitive data from unwanted access which is not possible in manual accounting.


Whether you want to manage your business in an online or offline mode, both is made possible through INNOVENTRY. It can help you save all your important data using its desktop application with cloud back-end to have a unique rich user experience and flexibility of working on your data anywhere. It also comes with a mobile application to have all your business details on the tip of your fingers.

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